The ability to create network-aware applications opens a whole new world for software developers. In the past, many applications performed their designated task by utilizing the resources available on the local machine. Today, many applications benefit from being more cooperative, by communicating with each other over a network. The advances in Internet technologies only reinforce this trend, allowing applications to communicate throughout the world.

Writing network-aware applications can be a challenging task. You need to learn and program to a network Application Programming Interface (API) that was designed a long time ago. Although extremely powerful, this API is suited for C or C++ development environments, and not for automation capable environments, like Microsoft Visual Basic.

This is where the Coalesys Winsock Library enters.

The Winsock Library brings this powerful ability to newer development environments. It is specifically designed to operate in such environments, by conforming to Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM) Specification. Furthermore, the Winsock Library is designed to be easy to use, focusing on Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), which is in widespread use today.

The Winsock Library allows a much larger audience to take advantage of the power in creating network-aware applications, and lessens the learning curve for achieving this goal.

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