Privacy & Security Notice

Coalesys, Inc. understands that privacy and security are major concerns to many people using the Internet. In short, Coalesys, Inc. respects your privacy and protects the personal information you provide to us.

This document is meant to describe the aspects of our policies toward privacy and security in detail.

What information does Coalesys, Inc. collect through its website?
Coalesys, Inc. collects the minimal amount of information to provide you with its products and services.
  • Information that is given by you during a purchase of goods.
    Collecting this information is a standard and necessary part of doing business. However, Coalesys, Inc. is not in the business of collecting this information for purposes beyond the scope of the transaction.
  • E-mail addresses that you provide when interacting with our website or support services.
    The E-mail address you provide is not used beyond the scope delivering our products or responding to your support requests.
  • Information that is gathered automatically.
    Beyond the basic, technical information that is a part of every web transaction (such as computer IP addresses), Coalesys Inc. uses non-persistent cookies to: a) Verify that your browser is accepting cookies, so that: b) Our website can provide a shopping basket for you. There is no inherent personal information in these cookies and they are not stored permanently on your system.
What information does Coalesys, Inc. share with 3rd parties?

Nothing beyond the scope of completing a transaction for the purchase of goods. We are not in the business of selling or giving away your personal information.

How secure is the information Coalesys, Inc. collects?
Coalesys, Inc. utilizes multiple layers of protection to assure the security of data gathered. Unsecured communication of personal data is not permitted by Coalesys, Inc.
  • Transmission of data between your computer and our servers.
    At an appropriate stage of using our website, before any personal information is gathered, Coalesys, Inc. will establish a connection with your web browser using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. This is a means of encrypting transitory data over the Internet and is among the best in the world today for online commerce. There are several ways to tell that a secure connection has been established depending on the browser you are using. You will see that webpage addresses will be prefixed with the 'https://' protocol specifier. Additionally, we place a message on all protected pages indicating the encryption strength.
  • Transmission of data between our servers and credit card processing centers.
    All credit card processing transactions which take place are also performed using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for encryption.
  • Information stored by Coalesys, Inc. in our databases.
    All personal information stored in databases for archival purposes is fully encrypted. Only appointed officials of Coalesys, Inc. may decrypt the data.
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