WebDrillDown, WebObjectTree and WebTabSet Studio
Online Applications
WebDrillDown, WebObjectTree and WebTabSet Studio are visual designer applications that assist you in customizing the appearance of our web controls and integrating them into your web applications. Similar to PanelBar and WebMenu Studio, which are Windows Applications, these new Web-Based Applications can be run from anywhere. They truly embrace the multi-platform architectures that we have always supported.
Cascading Style Sheet Editor
One of the benefits of being online applications is that our new Studio Applications are updated automatically, without the need to install any new software. The most recent updates to these products include a new CSS Editor that allows you to tailor the supported CSS definitions to your requirements. Our latest web controls fully support CSS, and this new addition is a perfect fit.
How It Works
Similar to our web site that is built using our own web controls, our new Studio Applications are built using our own technologies too. WebMenu, WebObjectTree, WebPropertyGrid and WebTabSet are used extensively to provide the visual interface, and also serve as a demonstration as to what can be accomplished using our software.
Lightweight and Scalable
Our new Studio Applications use JavaScript and JSON extensively, making the main page lightweight and scalable. This allows the page to load quickly, and can be run on any device that supports a modern web browser.
Demonstration Links

For a demonstration of these new applications, you can click on any of the links below:

* Some of the product features are disabled in these evaluation versions.

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