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March 10, 2024:
New Release: PortRemoter v3.0 for Windows, Linux, macOS and Docker

We are pleased to announce the availability of PortRemoter v3.0 for all supported platforms.

PortRemoter is a software-based TCP/IP port forwarder and network monitoring service. The software accepts connections on a particular TCP port, and establishes connections to a different TCP port to fulfill requests. Administrative web interface allows the monitoring of connection and data transfer statistics.

Some of the new PortRemoter 3.0 features include:

  • Added support for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).
  • Added support for I/O Rings for fast asynchronous data transfers on newer Windows platforms.
  • Added support for io_uring for fast asynchronous data transfers on newer Linux platforms.
  • Added the Network Topology link to the PortRemoter Administrator that allows the drawing of interactive graphical representations of the PortRemoter network topology.
  • Added the Services.ini file to allow the customization of TCP/IP port number resolution.
  • Added the ability to pause and resume the PortRemoter Service.
  • Added support for wildcard pattern matching when searching for virtual hosting domain names.
  • Added an option to position the main menu on the right-hand side of the Administrator web interface.
  • Added the Header Text option to change the text string used by the Administrator web interface when rendering its title.
  • Added the Header Color and Link Color options to change the color scheme used by the Administrator web interface.

A free trial download of the PortRemoter products are available for all users.

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