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May 10, 2014:
New Product: WebPropertyGrid v1.0 for ASP.NET

We are pleased to announce the availability of WebPropertyGrid v1.0 for ASP.NET.

With WebPropertyGrid v1.0, you can edit and view the properties of .NET objects running on the server, directly in your browser. Provides a convenient web interface for navigating .NET properties.

Some of the WebPropertyGrid features include:

  • Customizable Appearance - Full control of the appearance WebPropertyGrid through its properties, style sheet definitions or themes and skins.

  • Collapsible Groups and Objects - Simplifies the navigation an object with many sub-objects and properties.

  • Dropdown Support - Allows editing of property values through built-in dropdown control, which supports colors, images and key/value pairs.

  • Custom Pickers - Supports the addition of customized picker controls for editing property values suitable for your web applications.

  • AJAX Support - Partial-page updates allows the control to be updated without re-rendering the entire page.

  • Property Validation - Allows for both client- and server-side property validation to ensure the user entered acceptable property values.

  • Customizable Dimensions - Supports different modes for controlling the width and height of the control on your page.

  • Keyboard Access - Contains a keyboard interface for navigating its contents, which satisfies §1194.21(a) of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Online samples for seeing WebPropertyGrid for yourself are available here: Samples. Free trial download available for all users.

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