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December 15, 2014:
New Product: WebObjectTree v1.0 for ASP.NET

We are pleased to announce the availability of WebObjectTree v1.0 for ASP.NET.

With WebObjectTree v1.0, you can navigate items organized in a hierarchal fashion. Presents a familiar tree view layout to narrow down your search. Client-side library works in all development environments.

Some of the WebObjectTree features include:

  • Customizable Appearance - Full control of the WebObjectTree appearance through its properties, style sheet definitions or themes and skins.

  • Data Retrieval Methods - Supports multiple ways to retrieve data and includes a sample for each (ControlData Property, JavaScript Callback, Built-in and Custom AJAX).

  • Client-side Interactions - Allows the tree view items to be dynamically added, modified and deleted through client-side JavaScript code.

  • Symmetric or Jagged Hierarchies - Supports data organized in symmetric (all the same depth) or jagged (varying depth) hierarchies.

  • Key/Value Pairs - Allows the user to select friendly, localizable names while interacting with the back-end servers through unique identifiers.

  • Site Navigation Support - Compatible with the ASP.NET site-navigation feature, and can present a user interface for navigating the contents of a web site.

  • Keyboard Access - Contains a keyboard interface for navigating its contents, which satisfies §1194.21(a) of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Online samples for seeing WebObjectTree for yourself are available here: Samples. Free trial download available for all users.

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