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April 2, 2015:
New Release: Navigation-UI v7.0 (All Platforms)

We are pleased to announce the availability of Navigation-UI v7.0. This major update of WebMenu and PanelBar contains a number of significant, as well as minor, enhancements.

With WebMenu and PanelBar v7.0, developers can create versatile DHTML web navigation systems using our Studio application, component libraries, relational databases and a wide host of server-based architectural features found in ASP.NET, ASP, JSP, or with the simplicity and portability of client-side DHTML development. Each product option generates DHTML code tailored for each web browser, while maintaining a consistent experience for a wide variety of users.

New Navigation-UI Features:

Several improvements have been made to the WebMenu and PanelBar products:

  • Updated WebMenu and PanelBar code to be HTML5 compatible.

  • Combined all generated web browser code into two types:

  • (1) BasicHTML - Downlevel HTML code

  • (2) ModernDHTML - Modern web browser DHTML code

  • New ProgID for the ASP controls: "Coalesys.CSWebMenu.7" and "Coalesys.CSPanelBar.7". Components can be installed and run along side with prior major product versions.

  • Removed all instance-specific code from the main WebMenu and PanelBar JavaScript libraries, making them sharable among all control instances.

  • Added the new GenerateInstanceScript method to generate instance-specific code, which does not include the new WebMenu or PanelBar JavaScript libraries.

  • Replaced old table-based layout with a new div-based version.

  • Improved the web browser support for the WebMenu popup menu transition effects.

  • Added Show/HideTimer support for the built-in MenuBar object and cswmShow/Hide functionality.

  • Added the Settings parameter to the cswmMenuBarInit() method to allow the overriding of the default MenuBar configuration.

  • Added the ShiftWhenSelected property to the MenuBar object that allows you to control whether the button text shifts downward when they are selected.

  • Added the HtmlAboveItems and HtmlBelowItems properties to the Group object that allows you to inject custom HTML code into the popup menus.

  • Added popup icon to the vertical MenuBar buttons that have popup menus.

  • Added default image definitions to the style sheet for required control images.

  • Studio/Editor applications can load state files (*.wms and *.pbs) from previous versions and will upgrade them upon the first save. Please keep a separate copy of your old state files if you require working with them in previous versions.

  • Added indicator to the WebMenu and PanelBar Studio/Editor caption if the current user is a local administrator.

  • Incorporated the previously external docking system JavaScript library into the WebMenu code base.

  • Added new product samples and modernized the old samples.

  • Persisted the maximized state of the WebMenu and PanelBar Studio/Editor window between executions.

  • Deprecated the requirement to set a clear pixel image.

The entire line of WebMenu and PanelBar products are also available in one suite: Navigation-UI Enterprise Suite. A comprehensive solution that provides a similar set of tools regardless of the platform developers are required to work.

Discount upgrades for Navigation-UI, WebMenu, PanelBar v7.0 are available for all previous owners. Details are available by logging in to your Online User Account.

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