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July 29, 2015:
Support for Microsoft Edge and Visual Studio 2015

Today, Microsoft released Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge, which is a new light-weight web browser built upon web standards. Both these releases are fully supported by our latest products.

Microsoft also released Visual Studio 2015 and .NET Framework 4.6 earlier this month. These releases are also fully supported. The latest downloads include samples compatible with VS 2015, and assemblies that target .NET 4.6.

These versions are:

  • PanelBar for ASP v7.0.106.x

  • PanelBar for ASP.NET v7.0.108.x

  • PanelBar for JSP v7.0.106.x

  • PanelBar Studio v7.0.106.x

  • WebDrillDown for ASP.NET v1.0.108.x

  • WebDrillDown Studio v1.0.108.x

  • WebMenu for ASP v7.0.107.x

  • WebMenu for ASP.NET v7.0.108.x

  • WebMenu for JSP v7.0.107.x

  • WebMenu Studio v7.0.107.x

  • WebObjectTree for ASP.NET v1.0.108.x

  • WebObjectTree Studio v1.0.108.x

  • WebPropertyGrid for ASP.NET v1.0.108.x

Please login to the Licensed Download area to download the latest versions or to obtain any upgrade discounts that may apply.

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