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October 12, 2008:
New Release: WebMenu v5.0.94.x (All Platforms)

We are pleased to announce the availability of Coalesys WebMenu 5.0. This major update contains a number of significant, as well as minor, enhancements.

With WebMenu 5.0, developers can create versatile, fast and fluid DHTML menu navigation systems using our Studio application, component libraries, relational databases and a wide host of server-based architectural features found in ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, or with the simplicity and portability of client-side DHTML development. Each product option generates DHTML code tailored for each browser, while maintaining a consistent experience for a wide variety of users.

New WebMenu Features

Several improvements have been made to the WebMenu controls:

  • New ProgID for Version 5.0 (ASP Only) - New programmatic identifier for version 5.0: "Coalesys.CSWebMenu.5". Component can be installed and run along side prior major WebMenu versions.

  • Internet Explorer 8.0 BETA - Detection for Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 BETA added for the purpose of compatibility testing. Please report any rendering problems with this browser to Developer Support.

  • New ASP.NET Assembly (ASP.NET Only) - ASP.NET 3.5 Compiled DLL included. You will now find DLLs compiled for the ASP.NET 1.x, 2.0 and 3.5 frameworks in the product's installation "/bin" directory. Choose the correct version depending on your environment.

  • Smaller Menu Code - Compressed function and variable names to reduce the overall footprint of the generated DHTML.

  • New MenuBar Properties - Added support for making the built-in MenuBar look and act like a ToolBar, controlled via six new properties on the Group object (also see the Basic Features / ToolBar Mode sample installed with the product):

    • IconWidth - Returns/sets the width of the icon image in pixels.

    • IconHeight - Returns/sets the height of the icon image in pixels.

    • IconPaddingRight - Returns/sets the padding space to the right of the icon image in pixels.

    • IconImage - Returns/sets the icon image path/file name for the group.

    • IconToolTip - Returns/sets the optional tool-tip text for the icon image.

    • ClickOnMouseDown - Returns/sets whether the button click happens on a mouse-down action.

  • New WebMenu Property - Added the MouseCursor property that allows you to specify the mouse cursor that is displayed when hovering over WebMenu.

  • New Default Value - Changed the default value for Family property for Font objects from "'MS Sans Serif', Arial, Helvetica, Tahoma, sans-serif" to "Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif".

  • Full Opera Support - Fixed an error in the Opera 7/8/9 output that sometimes caused the page containing WebMenu to be requested from the server multiple times for each visit.

  • Internet Explorer Support - Fixed rendering problems with the dock-able MenuBar that could occur in IE7+ when using the XHTML doctype.

  • Keyboard Navigation - Fixed client-side JavaScript error that could sometimes occur using WebMenu's keyboard navigation.

  • ID Attribute Change (ASP.NET Only) - Changed the Group and Item object's "ID" XML attribute to be case-insensitive when setting.

New Studio Features

Several improvements have been made to the Studio application:
  • State File Compatibility - WebMenu Studio 5.0 can load WebMenu 4.0/2.x State files (.WMS) and will upgrade them upon save. Keep a separate copy of your original state files if you require working with them in a previous version.

  • New Property Indicators - Added the "new" markers to the WebMenu Studio to help identify the recently added properties.

Our focus in the web control market allows us to deliver DHTML menu functionality to a diverse audience of developers and users:

  • WebMenu for ASP - Specifically designed for COM environments. This version of the WebMenu technology contains an ActiveX DLL written in C++ that can be programmatically configured and used to render DHTML at run-time.

  • WebMenu for ASP.NET - Specifically designed for .NET developers. This version of the WebMenu technology contains .NET assemblies written in C# that can be programmatically configured and used to render DHTML at run-time.

  • WebMenu for JSP - Specifically designed for Java environments. This version of the WebMenu technology contains a JavaBean library that can be programmatically configured and used to render DHTML at run-time.

  • WebMenu Studio - Perfect for HTML developers of all technological backgrounds. This version of the WebMenu technology compiles JavaScript (.JS) include files that can be re-distributed with any type of web application.

The entire line of WebMenu products are also available in one suite: Navigation-UI Enterprise. A comprehensive solution that provides a similar set of tools regardless of the platform developers are required to work.

Discount upgrades for WebMenu 5.0 are available for all previous owners. Details are available by logging in to your Online User Account.

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