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March 19, 2009:
Windows Internet Explorer 8 released, supported by Coalesys DHTML products

Coalesys began testing IE 8 during its beta phases, adding detection and support at that time. The official release of IE 8 has been tested and is compatible with the latest versions of our DHTML products.

These versions are:

  • WebMenu for ASP v5.0.95.x

  • WebMenu for ASP.NET v5.0.95.x

  • WebMenu for JSP v5.0.95.x

  • WebMenu Studio v5.0.95.x

  • PanelBar for ASP v4.0.95.x

  • PanelBar for ASP.NET v4.0.95.x

  • PanelBar for JSP v4.0.95.x

  • PanelBar Studio v4.0.95.x

Please login to the Licensed Download area to download the latest versions or to obtain any upgrade discounts that may apply.

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