Retrieving WebMenu assembly information
Product Name: WebMenu for ASP.NET MVC
Product Version: 7.0
Document Type: Informational
Last Updated: 4/23/2017
Document ID: 109
Code to retrieve the WebMenu assembly version information used in your applications.


Sometimes it is useful to know the details of the WebMenu assembly being used in your ASP.NET MVC page. This is especially true when you have multiple versions of the assembly on your machine. To help you determine which version is being loaded in your application, we created a diagnostic page that loads the control in the background and displays information about the assembly being bound to the page.

To run this test page, unzip and place the file into your web application's root folder. Then, view the pages through your web browser and press the "Get WebMenu Information" button. The details of the assembly being used will be display in the text box at the top of the page.

When running an assembly in your production environment, it is a good practice to make sure the assembly is properly licensed. This can be determined by looking for the phrase "Licensed" in the About property displayed on the diagnostic page. The four possible states displayed and their meaning are:

  • "Evaluation" - evaluation assembly under 30 days of usage.

  • "Expired" - evaluation assembly over 30 days of usage.

  • "No License" - licensed assembly with no registration key installed.

  • "Licensed" - licensed assembly with registration key installed.

It is important to understand that the evaluation assembly will not accept your registration key, and it will expire. Only the licensed assembly obtained from the licensed download of the product will accept your registration key and should be used in production environments.

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