UI-Engines for ASP
A Collection of Server Controls
for Website Creation
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UI-Engines™ for ASP

A collection of server-side COM object DLLs that enables you to create versatile DHTML navigators with expanding/collapsing groups and hierarchical menus of unprecedented versatility and function.

Web Controls Included

UI-Engines for ASP provides the following advanced web controls for helping you create dynamic and responsive web applications:

for ASP
ASP Development Features

Each control has flexible programming options:

  • Time-tested reliability and speed (written in C++).
  • Program the objects in ASP using JScript or VBScript, or use the included Studio applications.
  • Save and load the control state using our binary state format.
  • Cache the resulting DHTML on the client.
Studio Applications

Includes access to the PanelBar and WebMenu Studio applications, which function as design programs that can be used to visually prototype your controls. You can save state files, or even compile your control's DHTML into external JavaScript files that can be used on any web server or HTML project.

Client-side and Server-side

UI-Engines for ASP includes the option to use either client-side and/or server-side technologies, so you can make the best design decisions for your projects.

If your project is best suited for client-side development, then use the included Studio design-time applications for creating JavaScript (*.js) files.

If your project is best suited for server-side programming, then use the included run-time web controls.

Cross-Browser Support

Supports all the popular web browsers including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge.

Developer Licensing

UI-Engines for ASP uses a developer-based licensing model which includes royalty-free use and re-distribution of the compiled JavaScript files and/or web controls.

Each developer who owns a license can re-use the software again and again, without any additional costs!

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Included with UI-Engines Complete - $999
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